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Drew Messina

Andrew G. Messina is a financial professional with 14 yrs. experience in the industry. Andrew “Drew” made the decision to become a financial professional to offer his clients the very best products available by utilizing various companies and investments, each of whom are the best available companies in their respective field. The focus of his business is to safely protect his client’s assets from market declines by securing them with insurance companies. Removing risk from his clients’ investment portfolios and their estate is his foremost goal. His simple philosophy of, “safety and security first, reasonable and realistic rate of return and simple to understand” is a strategy that has served his clients well in the volatile years of the stock market’s ups and downs.


Mr. Messina specializes in working with retirees and individuals nearing retirement. This includes protecting their assets from bad investments, bad advice, stock market declines, and taxes, as well as providing nursing home LTC care supplementation. His goal is to improve and preserve both his client’s lifestyle and their wealth. He utilizes the latest investment and estate planning techniques to design and implement personalized plans that will provide rising income, reduce financial risk, eliminate fees, lower taxes, avoid probate, and protect his client’s assets.

Director of Operations

Allison Mignard

Allison was a military child who grew up moving all around the country. Most of her upbringing was here on the Emerald Coast, which she has always referred to as her home. Growing up in a military family had instilled in her a strong sense of discipline, adaptability, and dedication to serving others.


Prior to joining AGM, Allison enhanced and developed her skills in engaging and developing a relationship with clients as a Peer Counselor in Oklahoma. When moving back to the Emerald Coast, Allison, became a General Manager, where she gained valuable experience in customer service, strong management skills, and high goal-setting. Her experience in customer service allowed her to develop a keen sense of overcoming objections.


Allison understands the importance of clear communication and attention to detail. She enjoys taking the time to understand each client’s unique needs and works closely with them to exceed all expectations.


In her free time Allison enjoys being “that mom” to her four wonderful children. She enjoys going to all sporting and academic events. She also instills a foundation with her children on giving back to the local community whenever possible. The entire family dedicates a lot of their time being involved in volunteer work or by working closely with local non profits.

Director of Client Relations and Life insurance specialist

Hayley Houser

Hayley Houser, a passionate and driven professional, joined AGM Secure Money in 2023 as an Event and Marketing Coordinator. With a strong background as a General Manager, she brings a wealth of experience and dedication to her new role. Hayley’s commitment to client satisfaction and her dynamic approach to event coordination make her an invaluable asset to our team.

At AGM Secure Money, Hayley’s responsibilities are as diverse as they are crucial. She oversees all scheduling and confirmations for our events, ensuring that everything runs seamlessly for our clients. Her ability to build and nurture strong relationships with our clients is a testament to her dedication to making each client feel comfortable attending our seminars.

Additionally, she works closely with the chamber to facilitate a collaborative and supportive network for all involved.

Beyond her professional life, Hayley finds joy in spending quality time with her godson, cheering him on at his football games. Her love for fitness is evident as she is often found working out, embracing an active lifestyle. A nature enthusiast, she enjoys exploring the great outdoors, connecting with the world’s natural beauty. Hayley’s devotion to her family and friends is unwavering, as she cherishes moments spent with her loved ones.

Furthermore, Hayley’s deep commitment to advocating for mental health is a driving force in her personal life. She actively engages in research and initiatives that promote greater awareness and support for mental health issues, a testament to her caring and compassionate nature.

Hayley Houser is more than an Event and Marketing Coordinator; she is a dedicated professional, an enthusiastic nature lover, a devoted family member, and a passionate advocate for mental health. We are proud to have her as part of the AGM Secure Money team.

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