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Here at AGM Secure Money our mission is to protect our clients’ assets from market declines with predictability and certainty.

We’ve been helping clients for 14 years. Enabling people to protect their money is our top priority in such a volatile market, with such uncertainty and unpredictability of the stock market since its inception. AGM Secure Money ensures its clients of certainty and predictability of their assets and future income without paying a fee.

At AGM Secure Money we ensure that our clients do not end up losing what they have worked hard to save and to retire on their terms comfortably.

There are four risks to retirement income that you cannot control: inflation, taxes, volatility, and longevity. Here at AGM Secure Money, we pride ourselves in assisting our clients to overcome these risks.

What Are The

Keys to a Successful Retirement?

Here at AGM Secure Money, our main goal is to help people.

We’ve been helping clients for 14 years. Enabling people to keep their money safe is our top priority, which we put before anything else. You don’t want to end up losing what you’ve been saving up for years, just because of the unpredictability of the stock market.

Our 3 main principles are:
  • Safety first. We put protecting your money before anything else.
  • You should earn a reasonable rate of return.**
  • Keep things simple. We make sure there’s as little confusion as possible in securing your financial future.
Safe Money

The Red Line & The Green Line

Some people don’t mind the ups and downs of the stock market (that’s the red line,) and the risk that it entails for their retirement accounts. But most retirees choose to keep their principal protected (the green line.) They want to ensure that they won’t run out of money, regardless of market conditions.

Our team can provide "safe money" options, that can help you guarantee* just this.

Your Life Savings

A lot of retirees are scared by the idea of their money running out. Will you have enough to last your retirement? You’ll need a solid strategy to abate this concern. Retirees now have options to protect their money, but still earn a reasonable rate of return.** One of the keys to a successful retirement is protecting your assets from loss. This is one of the topics we cover in our ongoing educational retirement workshops. We want you to have the knowledge you need to feel comfortable about your money. Additionally, we offer one-on-one meetings, where we can talk with you and answer your questions. 

Client Appreciation Events

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Learn The Keys to a Successful Retirement

Interested in learning about how to protect your money from market loss? Looking for ways to secure an income for life? We can help you discover your options.

Call us for a private review or attend one of our educational seminars for more information. There’s no cost to attend and no obligation, just honest, direct guidance and discussion.


AGM Secure Money

AGM Secure Money is dedicated to helping people feel good about their financial future and retirement strategy. Enabling people to reach their retirement goals is our priority over anything else.

We can provide options that get you both safety of principal and reasonable rates of return** on your money. The key to a successful retirement involves a balance of safety and substantial growth.

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You Have Options

You have choices when it comes to keeping your money safe from market loss. For example, the products we offer are available through several insurance companies. Each company has its own product benefits and options. Furthermore, each of these companies has a rating that indicates how solid its business is. Here at AGM Secure Money, we only work with top-rated companies. When you meet with us, we can review your situation and discuss your choices. We believe in keeping things simple and ensuring a comfortable retirement.

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Enjoy A Meal & Get Informed

AGM Secure Money provides educational workshop events, both in person and in the form of online webinars. As thanks for attending one of our live events, guests receive a complimentary meal. But, if you prefer, we often have virtual workshops you can attend from the comfort of your home. During these workshops, we review ideas for long-term retirement strategies, money protection, risk tolerance, and strategies for leaving a legacy without probate involvement. Our events tend to fill quickly, so be sure to reserve a seat for one as soon as possible.

Let's Talk About...

Why AGM Secure Money?

So, why choose AGM Secure Money? Well, we always put people first. When we’re evaluating someone’s personal situation, we place ourselves in their shoes to determine what we think the best strategy is. We also make sure to keep things as simple and easy to understand as possible, because it’s important that you understand all your options in order to make an informed decision.

You have a lot of choices when it comes to finding a financial professional. safety, a reasonable rate of return**, and simplicity are our core values. If you consider those things crucial, too, then reach out to us.


Safety First

During your working years, you may have been okay with higher risk. But now that you’re nearing (or already in) retirement, things have changed. The older we get, the less risk we can handle. If your money is invested in the stock market during retirement, and there’s a significant drop, you might not be able to recover. To address this risk, we offer options specifically geared towards safety. Protection comes first, then potential interest. No matter what stage you are in (pre-planning, nearing, retired, or retired for some time), the safety of your principal is the priority.


Earning a Reasonable Rate of Return**

Will you have to choose between keeping your money safe and earning more money? Thankfully, no. Earning a reasonable rate of return** is possible, with the right strategy. In fact, many annuities or life insurance policies allow for this. One way to determine what you think is a reasonable rate of return is to examine your risk tolerance. How much of your money are you willing to risk losing, and how much do you need to keep safe? Our products can offer a reasonable rate of return** on that “safe money.”


Keep Things Simple

Finances can seem very complex. But they don’t have to be. A good retirement strategy is one that focuses on protection and a reasonable rate of return,** but is also simple and easy to understand. Retirees shouldn’t have to spend hours carefully watching their accounts. You deserve a strategy that gives you confidence, reassurance, and protection. This is what a simple retirement strategy can do for you. We can guide you through everything so you can understand in simple terms.

It's Never Too Late to Start!

Planning Your Future

Every client’s individual financial situation is different. A lot of things come into play with their finances. That’s why we take the time to get to know each person we work with. We want to understand what your goals for the future are, and hopefully help you achieve them.

Contact us today to get started on a retirement strategy.

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