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Safest Place for Retirement Money

You have been more comfortable with risk during your working years. But as you get closer to retirement, you may not be able to handle risk as well.

The stock market will always go up and down, and you might not be able to recover from it taking a dip, especially during retirement. Here at AGM Secure Money, we offer strategies to help you counteract this risk, and hopefully, find the safest place for retirement money. We put safety first, above even potential interest.

Having Safe Retirement Money is Possible

AGM Secure Money wants retirees to feel confident about their retirement strategies.

It’s essential to preserve your hard-earned money. With that in mind, we focus on ways to do that. We aim to prove to you that finding the safest place for retirement money is possible.

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A Safe Place For Retirement Money?

In general, the right kind of FIA could be the safest place for your retirement money. These annuities may be a suitable choice for you for a few reasons. First of all, they offer a guaranteed* income. By law, insurance companies must put aside their “assets” to keep their insurance member’s money safe. Secondly, FIA’s provide tax deferral. This means that, unlike some other types of retirement strategies, you aren’t required to pay taxes until you start collecting the money from your FIA. Your money can accumulate tax-free.*

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Why Safety in Retirement Matters

Your priorities may shift as you near retirement. Earlier in your life, you may have been more open to risk. If the market drops, so does your account. And depending on how far off from retirement you are, you may have time to recoup the damage. But if you’re in or even approaching retirement, you don’t have time to spare.

If a stock market crash occurs, your future retirement could be at risk. If you’ve already retired and a crash occurs, you may not even have enough money left to pay your bills. This is exactly why finding the safest place for your retirement money is so important. Safe retirement income could allow you to have safety and stability.

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Generating Safe Retirement Income

When establishing wealth for retirement, many people invest in the stock market via an IRA, 401(K), 403(B), or other retirement plans. The plan here is to invest money for the long-term future. When you begin to draw nearer to retirement, your money doesn’t come from employment anymore, but rather your savings. Now it’s time to make your money work for you. That’s why it’s important to have a dependable strategy to produce income for yourself during retirement. 

Retire Safely

With Help From AGM Secure Money

Determining the safest place for retirement money starts with, obviously, making sure your money isn’t lost. But you want your money to increase at a reasonable rate of return,** too. It’s also essential to keep your retirement strategy simple. When you meet with one of our professionals, we help you to find the safest place for retirement money.

We’re here to answer your questions and help you plan a retirement right for you.
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